random rogue philosophers

my room mate and i am pretty random some nights, with even more random conversations that twist and wind through topics of philosophy, religion, sociology (strangely enough seeing as my roommate hates the subject) . We both began talking about St. Thomas Aquinas’ theory of the “first mover” being God last night and came out with a interesting thaught: If people truly have free will, then we could be considered first movers ourselves, and that would make your average homo sapien a god unto themselves, maybe not all powerful, but A god nonetheless, because we can spend our energies and powers in anyway we want. Of course this all raises the question if Free will does exist, which i assume to be true, because the other possibility simply would make any discussion pointless, because no point fighting predestination, right? But if the first mover is God, the Effect without the Cause, then wouldnt every human who acts on free will be godly (aka animals eat when hungry, people will go on food strike to prove a point). And that the meaning of life is to simply choose a meaning for it as u want. well I dont know, if anyones got any ideas, feel free to correct me or say your own ideas on the whole topic

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