the first one

well a journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step, and here is my first step.

I dont even fully understand my motivations for starting this, i wonder if anyone really does, the urge to write and share experiences or what, but yeah finally gave into to the urge and got my own little blog going. Alot of stuff on my mind as i write this, hopefully this blog will help me remember as much of it as i can, seeing as i have shitty memory :O i dont even know if I remember the bloody password i used to set this up, lolz damn! well this is what is my chat SN looks like “So now i understand the difference between man and child, A man must still grow knowing of life’s tragedies,sorrows and regrets” i guess that describes my mood really well, its interesting, how as u grow tragedies and sorrows and regrets mount, and some days u end up wondering how much more u will have to deal with, but i also have to remind myself that there will be many more moments of laughter, joy and comraderie going on to! but yep thats it for now, get back on this soon (hopefully i remember my log on too!), and feel free to leave comments or helloz or what ever (always good to meet peoples and make friends :P) so until then -wunluv-

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3 Responses to the first one

  1. left town for good says:

    No one does hip hop like Sinatra — well, Matt Good comes close. wunworld

  2. Lady.Dynasty says:

    ok HOW are you getting the hang of this when i am so0o0o0o0o0o-o0o-o completly LOST! But nonetheless yayyyyy our blogging experience together…now we are blog buddies,….the cookie monsta & pio bloggin it down for the 2k5 wh00p wh00p!!! lolz…yes can we say OVER excited????


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