Sri lanka

whow this blog bussiness has let open some floodgates in my head or something, now i cant stop writing, its interesting really, the urge to write down ones thaughts. The recent tsunami in sri lanka combined with the ongoing tragedy of our civil war makes me sit and consider all the people affected by man made and natural disasters, its disturbing, brings into doubt the idea of a benevolent God or of a benevolent human race. But then u see all the aid that countries in the west are giving the disaster struck nations, and it does show hope for a better world. Unfortunately u then hear about how the sri lankan government isnt sending any of the millions of dollars of relief to the people in the north because of ethnic favouritism, and its like the cycle of stupidity just keeps on going, its truly bullshit. I am personally for Peace, but the current situation does make me wonder when the cost of peace is too high, is better to die on your feet or live on your knees?? But I know people on both sides who find the war as a waste, because i have family on both sides of the ethnic line. Well at least the exposure might shame the government into a more honourable route….or not. on a related note, heard of a sri lankan Hiphop artist named M.I.A. , missed her first show but gonna keep an eye out for her, she seems to have some deep influences and insights, another step in the right direction, sri lankans wont suffer in silence anymore, so – LONG LIVE HIPHOP in all its forms!!

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