screw it up and smile

have you ever found something you treasured, something that literally makes you look at your life and think, “whow, life isnt so bad after all!” It could be a special friendship, or a job, or a lover, a car, or what ever else, it dosnt really matter, just the effect it has on you is what matters. And then you FUCK IT UP, like develop feelings for the friend, or somehow hurt your lover, or crash your car (noooooo), or lose the job…..??? and you have no one to blame but yourself… man let me tell you, it sucks ass to a whole new level (especially in the case of the friends situation, because you literally have no one to blame but yourself). its possibly the most depressing thing in the world, realizing that you do have the power to do good or bad, no one else but you and it all comes down to you, and you come to your moment of truth……. and you screw it up, and oh man did i screw it up royally. if i wasnt so lazy i would try and develop a time machine and go back and change it all, smack myself a couple of times just to warn me for future purposes, but yeah that dosnt work outside the movies, so you go on with life knowing u messed it up, and you just keep wondering and regretting….. no mattre how long ago it was….

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3 Responses to screw it up and smile

  1. left town for good says:

    Let me know if you need to raise some money to pay for this — I’ll throw in a couple of bucks:

  2. Lady.Dynasty says:

    you my dear are in need of a hug…come to lucid and ill give you one =) hehe ok no on a serious note…did you ever tell this friend that you had feelings for her? I forgot the story =( blame it on my hopeless memory…thats what I do anyhow. And lets say you did tell her how you felt, but she didnt feel the same way…then you’ve got too figure out if you had prefered the risky route…to that of the endless “what ifs”……………………………….

  3. Eelam Flava says:

    hmm life truly is a beatiful struggle,I really like dis blog outta all the others for some reason..haha..even tho i like the other ones too..umm who need a hug? umm lucid wuh? nah u don need no hug..omg u knoe wuh i’ll do right? Please do explain tour lovely lady friend here.haha..don knoee..neways back to the blog..Everyone makes this mistake of hurting, or loosing something or someone that they really treasure. Lifes hard and god works in funnyy ways styll,notice how its the things that you work hard to recieve that are the ones you have to gaurd with your life? hey atleast you realisee? smile cuss there’s always something better to come out of all of dis! :)..nuff luv n respect..Eez, < <$>>Eelam Flavav< <$>> n p:S thnks for checkin my blog

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