doomed causes and heroic efforts (part1)

Yeah, like i said in my last post: life is FUCKED UP!! i mean REALLY FUCKED UP!!!! Sorry if i sound like some naive new sucker that was born yesterday, but it stuns me to think how twisted and totally disheartening life can be at the end of the day. Let me describe to you one of the situations that can make life into the BIGGEST COSMIC joke ever pushed through creation. I call it the “doomed cause”, also known as Catch22 or the no win situation. These are situations in which the Protaganist (or as i like to call him DA SUCKAH) gets put in that he possibly cant win, but Da suckah gives possibly one of the most heroic efforts ever into making things right and loses anyways, and literally has his spirit broken because of it. Isn’t that fucked up??? man i feel like a total dumbass, cuz i just realized I’ve been playing da dumbass by putting in an almost heroic effort to do right by everything i know and believe in without facing the fact………… THAT AS HEROIC AN EFFORT AS YOU PUT IN, AS HONOURABLE AND GOOD AS YOU POSSIBLE TRY TO BE, in the end it really dosnt matter, because if the Catch22 states your gonna end up in the mud, dirty and dishonourable, well then my friend, thats where you are going to be. (To be continued) p.s. sorry for all the literary references, but what can you do, i am a English majour.

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