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My Tamil Inferiority Complex

As I listened to a very brave person describe her own inferiority complex over her Jewish heritage, I really became clear about my own deepest feelings about being Tamil. The truth is deep down I do carry an inward feeling … Continue reading

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Code of Hero

“Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly – the ill deeds, along with the good – and let me be judged accordingly. The rest … is silence.” – Dinobot The quote is from the end of a … Continue reading

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Nimirvu Poems

These are poems I submitted for Nimirvu – a Tamil student rally against the threats and discrimination faced by Tamil students in Srilanka. Silent MajorityToo much Tamil blood spilt for mad men’s dreamsThey want us dead,They want them deadI just … Continue reading

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Just like new

And here I am again. After years of neglect, my desire to write has once again overwhelmed my embarrassment of how badly I write – or at least the fear of how silly I may sound. Now that I’ve admitted … Continue reading

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