Just like new

And here I am again. After years of neglect, my desire to write has once again overwhelmed my embarrassment of how badly I write – or at least the fear of how silly I may sound. Now that I’ve admitted that much – I still don’t feel any less strange about putting this all “out there”. My fears seem only justified by the old posts I wrote, they sound so corny now, but at least the posts were a honest reflection of my mind state. Its hard to follow the old “write it and look at it a day later” because then i wont post anything. So I guess I’ll keep this stream of conscience and just write what ever comes off the top of my head – reader beware – and the gods of writing forgive me for what ever horrible literary sins and blunders I’m about to make! Actually you know what – now that I’ve admitted that much – I can just have fun with this, and thats all that really matters, and maybe my writing will improve along the way – and if not, ahwell thats life.

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