Nimirvu Poems

These are poems I submitted for Nimirvu – a Tamil student rally against the threats and discrimination faced by Tamil students in Srilanka.

Silent Majority
Too much Tamil blood spilt for mad men’s dreams
They want us dead,
They want them dead
I just want us to be let alone to live

Care less about land, air, or sea
Care full for the lives,
friends and family’s lives
Only tears for my people, who die

Forever wary of politics
Quietly hear all speeches
Intently read all the news teaches
Quietly pray for peace for my people

Our Home – Your Land?
Why do you call the land yours?
If you don’t live there
If you don’t build there
If you don’t care for the people there

If the land is yours
Why do you bomb’n’burn the libraries, schools’n’churches built there
Why do you destroy the people there
Why can’t you respect the little the people call theirs

If you hate our heroes
If you ignore our leaders
If you have no love for our people

How can you expect our admiration?
How can you demand our obedience?
How can you expect to lead for us?

Territorial Integrity
Lines on a map
Names on a page
Words in a book
News in a paper

People from the land
Families in a home
Homes on a street
Neighbourhoods of a town

Dreams of a nation
Speeches from a podium
History in a museum
Politics of an election

Tears of a mother
Screams from a child
Fear of a father
Sorrows of a people

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