The future of a nation: Sri lanka part 1

Recently I was considering the politics that surround the conflict in Srilanka, a conflict that is at this moment raging onwards with a brutality unseen in years, and couldn’t help but realize 2 things: first the incredible similarities between the Bush administration and the Rajapaksa administration; secondly the unbelievable backwardness and impracticality of the desires of most parties concerned. For the purposes of full disclosure I will admit I am a leftist moderate Tamil: which translates into I do not specifically support the Tamil Tigers – but do full heartedly support the Tamil people and what ever is best for their future, whether that future takes the form of a separate nation, federalism, or a unitary state (which at this point seems incredibly impractical and a failure).

note: originally I was thinking of tackling both ideas but that would be one massive post that would end up simplifying what would otherwise be complex realities.

About the backwardness of SriLankan politics – it seems as if a great deal of SriLankan politics are built around trying to relive the heydays of ancient historical SriLankan Empires (Tamil or Sinhalese) instead of trying to create an abundant and prosperous future for the island (which would benefit both the Sinhalese and Tamil people). I think it is an unrealistic and plainly unachievable goal to try create an exclusive Buddhist Sinhalese homeland across the whole island when there are significant non-Buddhist and non-Sinhalese populations on the island (though I personally see nothing wrong with promoting a Sinhalese centric society in Sinhalese majority parts of the island); forget the arguments over their historical presence, these populations are there now and they are there to stay, thats just a fact. That is unless the Sinhalese people wish to follow the dark path the eternally damned Nazi’s took against the Jews and try to ethnically cleanse the island through genocide. While some who have seen the dark deeds and tactics of a couple of Sinhalese who hold power may think that is what will occur – I know whole heartedly through experience (I’ll write about that in another article) that the common Sinhalese person and the Sinhalese people in general are a noble, sweet, and generous a people; equalling the similar character of the Tamil people. Because of their generally good nature they could never fully go down a path so damnable. So then what are the realistic and plausible paths to take?

1) Continue on the Sinhalese centric path the island is currently on: only having one contractor hired and allowed to build and repair a house, and letting that contractor ignore some of the bedrooms and concentrate on the master bedroom only. finally when parts of those ignored bedrooms cave in from disrepair, threatening to bring down the whole house, blaming it on the residents. Residents who had been warning about the damage and never given the tools or allowed to make repairs on their own.

2)Welcome and incorporate the Tamil, Hindu, and Muslim peoples of the island into the society of the island: Basically giving everyone the tools and right to fix their individual rooms as they wish to and to the best of their abilities, making a varied and stronger house and home for everyone. Possibly even giving the contractor enough time to properly fix larger structural problems like plumbing & wiring.

Interestingly the second method might sound like an untested and crazy idea; such a system is the one some of the best made and strongest houses – hell compared to the presently crumbling SriLankan house, they are mansions – have followed. The United States, Canada and the emerging European Union and India. Canada has embraced this style so much even while facing similar problems as Srilanka and prospered so amazingly – that it has become apart of the national character and politics of the nation. In Canada multiculturalism is stressed, where everyone is expected to not only maintain the house but also add to and decorate the house from top to bottom – and Canada’s ethnic diversity is even grander then anything SriLanka could muster at this point.

Imagine building a house so great that people wish to move in and add even more to it, that’s Canada. Wow theres a possibility for SriLanka; obviously there are some who would feel uncomfortable about that but thats the risk of actually building a beautiful home, people will actually want to live there.

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