A scared young man

I can’t even begin to imagine how i can explain this feeling to you. This feeling that if i should ever fall in love with a girl – it should be you. but something in me is so scared. I might be big and strong. But I feel so small and weak when it comes to you. I could love you so much. Love you oh so much. But it’s like I don’t know, I’m not good enough. I am an already broken and beaten young man.

I have already given up on myself. You should give up on me too. But omg I want someone to believe in me one more time. But I can’t ask you to believe in me because I KNOW I WILL FAIL. Thats why I am so scared. So many people have believed in me, to be a bigger person than I have ever been, or ever could be. I know I have succeeded in my circumstances, but people think it’s a sign of bigger and better things.

but I know. It was a matter of luck. Circumstances met to let me suceed. And I dont want to fail you. YOU DESERVE A WINNER….

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