Why I can’t trust

So I just read an article about the Sri Lankan government shooting and killing 9 Tamil Tiger Rebels here. Well here is the question that every Sri Lankan Tamil has to ask after one of these statistical reports, “were the gunned downed people simply Tamil’s at the wrong place and wrong time, or were they they actually LTTE cadres?”. And why ask this? Because the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has a habit of mistaking ordinary Tamil’s with the Tigers of the north. In the past, the policy was to kill the Tamils and ask questions later simply because a Tamil Tiger would be killed sooner or later. Hell the policy was based on the idea that a Tamil was just a Tamil Tiger in the making! Which is true when the GOSL had a habit of estranging and indiscriminately bombing Tamil civilians and calling them Tamil Tigers afterwards either way (it didn’t matter if it was school for girls or not, or if there were girls at the school at the time). Anyways I just wanted to share that interesting thought pattern with ya’.

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