What is it with Ron Paul…??

I can’t explain it. As an urban Canadian I’m more or less left wing, but I’m indelibly impressed by Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for the United States presidency. Is it his anti-war, libertarian stance which puts to shame every other American candidate. Or is it the aura of authenticity about him and everything he says, He really doesn’t seem to be playing for the crowd, or he’s so subtle about it I can’t tell. Or is it because he looks like a harmless old man, reminding me somewhat of my own grandparents? I don’t know, and I can’t explain it, except that even though he has political stances that I would otherwise despise (he’s against universal health care, education and immigration ), I find his campaign appealing. Then again, I still find his opponents uninspiring or despicable (that would be the democrats and the republicans respectively).

I would have thought that candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama would have me psyched; instead I find Hillary Clinton stiff ,controlled and overtly cold; while Obama doesn’t come off as charismatic as some people seem to say. This is weird as I would have thought I myself would have been blindly happy to see the front runners in an American election being a woman and a coloured man. Especially Hillary Clinton who I’ve always admired as a great role model for all women, I would personally want my daughters to emulate her. But she’s been acting a lot like the cold queen in this election and that repels me. I guess I can’t blame her for holding her cards close to her vest because she’s the one who has the most to lose from a fumble. But I can’t pretend like any kind of female American president would be the silver bullet to fix the world’s problems. From my past experience – anyone single person who manages to climb to the top of the shit pile that is politics are as jaded and god awful as the rest, irrespective of gender, and I guess thats what I’m sort of worried about with Hillary Clinton. She could be the next Indira Gandhi or Chandrika Kumaratunga and the world really does not need that just now. Personally I like Joe Biden and John Edwards on the Democratic side. Joe Biden comes off as the honest veteran and John Edwards as the optimistic young gun. I do feel a little guilty supporting white anglo man, and can’t help wondering if I in fact carry mainstream prejudices within me, actually nix that, I have to admit I carry mainstream prejudices in me. Bwah – that leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

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One Response to What is it with Ron Paul…??

  1. jessica says:

    Al Gore needs to enter the presidential race. I like Edwards too, but that man spends too much damn money on a haircut.


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