On the nature of God

In one blistering statement, a writer has brilliantly and poetically summed up my religious/spiritual perspective. And here it is:

“…God may well be perfect but God transcends a book, a prophet and a belief system. That means we are free to question without fear that the Almighty will feel threatened by our reasoning, speculating, or doubting. Rather, it is we who feel threatened.” (Irshad Manji, posted here)

The only thing I might add to that is that God transcends the minds of any single man/woman or group of men/women; thus trying to reason and speculate would naturally lead to doubt in any normal persons mind. Think about it, can you actually imagine that Pi is really an infinite string of numbers? or what infinite really is? or the nature of causality and chaos? or the nature of the greater universe? or your body is made up of millions of cells? or even how hot the inside of the sun must be like? or how actual evolution is theorized to work?

Thats why it all comes down to faith – that the sun will rise tomorrow, that my body won’t just fall apart, the Universe isn’t just going to collapse on itself in the next second, and about God

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