Ontario Elections 07

Well I’ve actually began to read up on the coming elections in Ontario and there are some pretty interesting things going on. First of all I have to admit I have no idea of who I want to vote for, because I have no idea of their platforms. This is sort of pathetic because I know so much about the American elections going on down south. Secondly I’ve just begun reading up on the electoral reforms aimed at Ontario’s electoral procedures; the reforms have the potential of completely changing the face of the Ontario legislature. Both exciting and a little worrisome like any major change. I’m not really sure if support the change or not as of yet – but I’ll have until October 10 to make up my mind, and this time I plan on exercising my democratic rights and duties! On a comic note I slept through my first election when i turned 19, I have no desire to do that again.

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One Response to Ontario Elections 07

  1. jessica says:

    i can’t believe you slept through the entire election, cash? when in doubt, go NDP!

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