Humber River Regional Hospital as bad as I figured.

A recent article here in the Toronto Star puts facts to my personal prejudice against Humber River Regional Hospital. I’ve always counselled my friends against going there as a matter of life and death because of my experiences there. “Humber broke its silence to report a rate of 136, meaning its in-hospital death rate was 36 points above the national average of 100. Humber’s rate is the second worst in Canada”, and the worst in Toronto. To highlight just how bad the place is – I’ll recount my own experience:

After getting hit by a car, me and a friend were taken to Humber River Regional Hospital and left in the triage room. Admittedly we were not suffering from life threatening injuries. But Thats no excuse for keeping us in Triage for 9 hours without getting checked up and released after a car accident. When I interrupted and asked something for the dislocated shoulder I had managed to put back in myself, the doctor had the nerve to turn to a nurse and tell her to give me a placebo like I was an idiot. I proceeded to inform him I didn’t want a placebo and knew what it was. I don’t know what treatment I was expecting, but I think the minimum of pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills would have been appropriate in my situation . Above and beyond that the idiot doctor was going to discharge me and my friend without checking out my friend at all! My friend had a sprained knee and by the end of the 9th hour it was swollen to the size of a melon (thank god for the fact we WERE stuck there for 9 hours, or I wouldn’t have noticed it, go and once more interrupt, and demand the same idiot doctor look at it before we leave). After another 3 hours and 3-4 X-rays later, they finally realized he had a sprained knee and drained the knee. Did I mention we had just been brought in from a pretty nasty car accident by a police officer and ambulance.

Well I am glad that shitty Humber River has finally been held accountable for their shitty organizational attitude and performance, hopefully this manages to save some lives!

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