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I can’t stand the smell of prejudice; even the flippant careless kind, even if its not against me but another group. If I hear it uttered in a group, I bristle with barely controlled indignation. Sometimes that makes me seem … Continue reading

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The Crazies and the Bible

I still can’t believe people can expect the Bible to be literal in its discussion of profound truths that are simply too difficult to translate into Human experience. This isn’t because of the lack of skill of God or the … Continue reading

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An Unreasonable To Do List

Here’s My Unreasonable List of things to do this Summer:– Learn to Play the Harmonica– Learn to Dance Salsa– Learn to Bike– Learn to Swim– Learn to Speak Spanish– Go to Europe

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Be Unreasonable

I heard something important from my cousin Renuka, something that I had forgotten:”be unreasonable with yourself, the people around you, and the world around you”. This is the fundamental secret of living an extraordinary life – throwing out the idea … Continue reading

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