Copy of Email "Sorry…"

Hi, Friends, Family, Co-Workers and Fellow Canadians.

First of all let me start this Email off by apologizing. This weekend I had promised several people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other joyful occasions that I would spend these joyful moments with them. To my deep regret I won’t be able to share in these special and all too fleeting moments with the people I care about. Even if I could spend these moments with you, I wouldn’t be good company as my mind would be somewhere far away dwelling on things that can’t and should not be celebrated. I will also apology now for the length and subject of this email, as people that have known me a long time and people that have known me only for a short while will know, I am someone who prefers to look on the bright side of life, but there is no silver lining in the situation that is now occupying my, and many other, minds.

If you have talked to me lately, and heard whats going on with me lately, you will know that I have been markedly more active in the political arena. I am not talking about the Canadian Federal election, but something that is of a nature more urgent, the unfolding events, no the tragedy that is unfolding in Sri Lanka. I know many of you, my friends, know very little or don’t completely understand the situation in Sri Lanka. I acknowledge that this is partly my own fault because of my own reluctance to bring up the issue openly. Now I wonder if this attitude has made me complicit in the creation of situation so tragic, so horrific, that at times it seems to defy reason, logic, or explanation. I will try to explain it as briefly as possible. Sri Lanka at the best of times is an Apartheid state, treating its own minorities, especially its Tamil citizens, as second class citizens, if even that. Legally, a dog has more protection in Canada then a Tamil has in Sri Lanka; a dog in Canada would have to bite someone before it has to be put down. In Sri Lanka there is no such requirement to arrest, expel, indefinitely detain, torture, or simply execute a Tamil, a Tamil must simply be born a Tamil to be suspect and targeted. This is a situation that has prevailed in Sri Lanka for over 2 decades if not longer. This has been bad enough, now the situation has gotten exponentially worst.

The Sri Lankan state has intentionally created a situation, where by expelling all UN and NGO agencies, a quarter of a million innocent Tamil civilians have been cut off from the rest of the island, and in fact rest of the world. The Sri Lankan state has not only cut off all communications, all supplies of food, water, even the most basic medicines, and materials, but has continued to indiscriminately bomb these people out of existance counting them as apart of their ever growing body count of “terrorists, geurillas, and separatists”. This situation has been decried by almost every major international player, Countries such as the US, Britain, and even the secretary general of the UN. ONLY CANADA HAS REMAINED SILENT. As Sri Lanka follows a scorched earth Policy in Sri Lankan Tamil areas, Tamils in Canada have tried to protest and bring attention to this growing humanitarian tragedy, to no avail. For those of you wondering why this hasn’t made more news, Google “Sri Lanka and Media Freedom”. More tragically the Canadian Media has written off Tamils trying to raise the issue of the Humanitarian crisis as war mongers and terrorist supporters. I will state on my behalf and many others that Tamils we were all horrified when the Sri Lankan state unilaterally abrogated on the Cease Fire Agreement earlier this year and decided to resolve the Tamil situation with a military solution.

As I and many others have struggled to bring this situation to the Canadian Public’s attention, the situation has simply gotten worst, while our desperate attempts at changing the tide of events is met with harassment, threats, and suspicion. So I have decided weary of heart, not only as a Tamil, but also as a Canadian who has been taught to defend and struggle for Human Rights of all people that I will Join in the suffering of a Quarter Million Tamils in the Wanni with a Peaceful Fast at Richmond Hills Pillayar Temple. I sincerely hope that you now understand why I cannot join in your moments of joy, but rather have chosen to join in the suffering of a Quarter Million Tamils left at the mercy of an army that neither cares to spare or account for them, and a world that ignored them.

With Deep Sadness

P.S. Feel free to forward this as several have asked to share this email in the hopes maybe even this may save one more life in Sri Lanka

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