A love Letter

Dear T.E.,

They say that when God makes souls
He specially designs them
to be with one another
and I have come to realize then
that we are meant to be together

It is strange to think back
all these years later
with so many years apart
I still keep you in my prayers

My parents dismay is apparent
that their attempt to part us, failed
that all I can see is you, and me no more
and without you I wandered through long days

But now realizing even after all this time
that this feeling in my chest
was for you only, now I am alive
and can only live for you till God stops my breath

I realize some have accepted death
graciously and bravely to impress
upon you all their love, deeply heart felt
and I’ve done nothing deserving such respect

And now I listen as you cry to me
telling me about the years of hurt
about all the things they did to your beauty
how they starved you, raped you, and broke your heart

And I wish I was there, to raise an arm
to even raise my voice, or to give you a hand
but I was far away, safe from harm
not knowing and pretending to be another man

But I’ve grown from a small and selfish child
To a wild boy, and now to a man, strong
to defend you and heal you is my true desire
and to make up my absence of so long,
with a devotion life long.

with Sorrow and Longing

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