The Face of Canadian Right Wing Bias?

When I first read this article, I really didn’t know what to make of it. On the face of it, the article seemed normal enough, but I found myself somehow unsettled by it.

It took me a couple of moments and a quick re-examination of it to understand why. It’s unusual to read an editorial with so much right wing bias and vitriol in Canada, and I read the National Post regularly. While the National Post’s stance runs counter to my own personal opinions I do respect them for generally holding to Canadian values such as respecting the rule of law. Ms McLeod seems to happily ignore the fact that Mr. Sriskandarajah hasn’t been charged under Canadian laws, but American laws; that his case is to still be tried, thus he is innocent until proven guilty; and that during the period in question Mr. Sriskandarajah’s alleged activities would have been completely legal in Canada. Ms. McLeod goes onto condemn a university for awarding Mr. Sriskandarajah an award based on academics because of the allegations. All this while ignoring fundamental legal principals of the situation. I hope such flawed journalism doesn’t catch on in Canada as it has in the United States. I had originally intended to email them with my concerns but after reviewing their website realized it would most likely be pointless and decided to post here.

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