The New Democratic Party

I’ve been a supporter of the New Democratic Party (NDP) for a couple years and a full member since the last election. I’ve always been cynical about politics and politicians, but I’m glad I chose to support the NDP. My supposedly pragmatic acquaintances commonly argue that the NDP are too idealistic or impractical to ever get into power and make a difference. Even in the face of such cynicism the NDP has really grown in the time I’ve been a supporter and are starting to even gain ground among my acquaintances who used to be detractors. Some NDP initiatives are listed here. Here are some NDP initiatives that I’ve strongly supported.

Motion to protect credit card holders: Secured passage of Glenn Thibault’s (Sudbury) motion calling on the government to enact legislation to protect consumers from abusive credit card fees and penalties; “any time, any reason” interest rate increases; and account changes.

Practical reform for Employment Insurance: Passed Chris Charlton’s (Hamilton-Mountain) motion make sure that people who need Employment Insurance in the recession get the benefits they’ve paid into for so long.

Building the foundation for a Green Job recovery: Launched a major 12 city Economic Recovery tour to hear ideas on how to remake Canada as a leader in areas like green technology and manufacturing innovation in the 21st century global economy.

Setting targets to end environmental neglect:
New Democrats succeeded in getting Bruce Hyer’s (Thunder Bay–Superior North) Climate Change Accountability Act to pass at 2nd reading. The bill legislates practical targets to cut greenhouse gases in Canada.

Fought for the rights of Canadians detained abroad: Relentless advocacy by Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) to repatriate Canadian citizen Abousfian Abdelrazik resulted in his motion ordering the government to return him to Canada adopted at Foreign Affairs committee, and ultimately saw the Government give in to a court order to brings this Canadian citizen back to Canada.

Last but not least: The NDP have actively stood up against War Crimes and Human rights violations against Tamils in Sri Lanka and supported the Canadian Tamil community by releasing statements, raising questions in parliament, and initiating an emergency debate. The NDP, unlike the Liberal party who Canadian Tamil community had historically supported en mass, supported the Canadian Tamil community in this difficult time.

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