I’m a Religious Geek

My friends tease me about being really religious, especially because I haven’t always been religious. In fact most of my life I was agnostic, and areligious. 2 years ago, after meeting the amazing members of Faith In Action and the Catholic Chaplaincy at York, I took the leap of faith into a more religious life. The rewards have been immense. Irrespective of religion or creed, I happen to be Roman Catholic, I recommend anyone to take the plunge and see how it is on the other side of the ‘pale’. One of the weird results has been I’ve really gotten into ‘Christian Rock’. Hillsong are an amazing example of this.

One of the benefits of Faith is that when you face truly difficult situations in life, you have an option and ability to call on powers beyond simple understanding through the simplest act of prayer. Two situations I have relied on the power of prayer for has been in confronting the genocide of the Tamil people, and in dealing with the suffering and illness of our newest and smallest family member who was born prematurely. I ask for prayers for both.

Recently the little one has gone through two very serious surgeries at Sick Kids Hospital, and the doctors have said they can’t do anything more, that the rest is in God’s hands. So I hoping you can take the time to say a prayer for our little one.

Thank you and praise be to God!

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