Multiculturalism or Neo-Colonialism

Interesting article at the Walrus. Here´s the article Identity Crisis Multiculturalism: A twentieth-century dream becomes a twenty-first-century conundrum by Allan Gregg

My criticism of the article: Modern immigration isn´t built around a common goal of ´nation building´ (this idea is contestable in Canada, even historically, as there was ethnic conflicts between the ´native born´ First Nations and ´immigrant´ settlers), which joins all the immigrants and locales with a common purpose and shares in the future of the nation. Rather modern immigration is for cheap low skilled labour being imported to be exploited and fuel the Canadian economy, clearly a new form of neo-colonialism. First generation immigrants are naturally happy to leave the post-colonialist realities of their home countries and easily adopt to the neo-colonialist reality (being already accustomed to a colonial reality, they are happy to be presented with an improved situation under such a system) and thus are satisfied. Second generation immigrants come into full conflict with this neo-colonialist project as they try to break out of the cycle of poverty and aren´t accustomed to colonialist realities which inherently try to exploit their labor. Neo-Colonialism is the problem here not Multiculturalism. For example what is the point of a system of meritocracy when doctors come to Canada to drive taxis? There were allusions to the race riots of the U.S. but no connection made with the reason for these race riots: : because of the systemic culture of political & economic oppression enforced on African Americans, the earliest diaspora of ´visible minority immigrants´ created through slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism.

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