Now, from the beginning with feeling!

I started my first ever post for this blog with “well a journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step, and here is my first step”. It’s almost 5 years and 59 posts later, with a whole new space to throw my thoughts down on. I won’t pretend as if this will have any value or significance for anyone but me, but I just realized that it’s absolutely invaluable to be able read your own thoughts months and years later.

I sure did start out rough in the beginning, seemingly incapable of spelling ‘You’ with more then the ‘u’; but then what the hell, somewhere along the way I learnt to write poetry?! So who am I to judge myself, because now I can’t even imagine rhyming two sentences and making sense at the same time. Hell, I don’t even really remember writing these poems; but surprisingly the poems, while not great, also aren’t completely cringe worthy. I’m actually proud of myself, if I did actually write them. I was so doubtful about writing the poems in the first place that I had to ask an ex-girlfriend from the era to confirm that they are mines; she’s even got some original hard copies of long lost poetry! I really have done, and forgotten, more things in the last couple of years of my life then some people have the imagination to think possible.

For anyone who’s keeping track of my “To Do List“, I’ve learnt how to speak Spanish, learnt how to dance Salsa (and other Latin American dances such as Tambor), and traveled parts of both Europe and Latin America.

I’m quite glad that I’ve kept this going for so long and kept it mostly public. At one point this blog was even connected to my facebook profile and open to all my friends; surprising, since I did write pretty openly, earnestly, and candidly about my personal thoughts. Any future political career I might have had is ruined before even getting started by the record of my embarrassingly intimate thoughts found on this blog. Ah well, I never wanted to be a politician anyways, and I’m glad to have the record of my own personal development over these 5 turbulent years. Some of the most subtle and drastic personal changes are recorded here. So I’ve left most posts unedited and ‘as is’ to track my not insignificant development. I also have many unpublished posts I have to read through to see what other interesting personal tidbits I can pull out and post. More, the transfer over from the blog’s original location wasn’t seamless so there’s probably a little bit more cleaning up I have to do with repeated comments, capitalization, etc.

Well at the end of a thousand mile journey, you can either turn back and make the thousand mile journey back  or you can keep moving forward; And really, there’s no going back home after one starts such a journey.

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