Not the Usual Ford Story

We had heard stories and rumours about stuff like this coming out of the West end. Some of us had even tried to pin it down and couldn’t. But wow, this is grimy, even for the Teflon Don of Toronto politics, Mayor Rob Ford. it reads like an episode of Boardwalk Empire. It’s even darker if you read between the lines of Ford’s attorney’s message.

Gawkers' screen capture from the video.

Gawker’s screen capture from the video.

For Sale: A Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Cocaine (Gawker)

Sold: The Toronto Star Has Seen the Video (The Toronto Star)

Update: The Toronto Star Publishes Details from Video (The Toronto Star)

That dude who is publicizing the video is brave; an anonymous hero considering the calibre of people he has just pissed off. He better get the hell out-of-town before he becomes an anonymous martyr.

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