Today, May 18, is one of many days remembering the murder of our people and destruction of our homeland. Truly, if we counted every atrocity and assault, there wouldn’t be enough days in the calendar to commemorate them all. It is important we do not lose sight of our path because of the overwhelming sense of loss and sadness. For in every defeat the seeds of victory are found, for every day of sorrow we commemorate, there will be a day of joy. Thus, in every memorial for the past we must set the plan for the future. While we remember those who have passed and hurt no more, let us not forget those who remain and suffer today, and let us begin dreaming of and fighting for that future where they to will hurt no more.

We are on a journey home, a long journey where we have lost many already, and we will lose more; some at the hands of our enemies, and some will lose heart themselves. But the most important thing is that those who carried the light, passed it on to us before they fell, just as those before passed it on to them. This is a light that must make it home, if not in our generation, then in the next. This will be the light that once again brightens our homeland, Tamil Eelam.

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