6 Professions That Produce The Worst Boyfriends

#vindication I’ve always only wanted to be a beach bum and landing the urban equivalent of community activist. Hugs, highfives, and good vibes for everyone!

Thought Catalog

1. Startups

Let’s start off with the one we can likely all agree on: Nightmare Startup Bros are nothing short of mutated fish that crawled out of a lake situated between a Brooks Brothers and a nuclear power plant. It’s like their gills haven’t fully transformed into lungs yet and if they aren’t constantly in a state of flopping around and aggressively telling you about their business model, they’ll die. I recently went out for a party that contained a certified Startup Bro who all but chewed through the wooden bar tables in an effort to get us to care about his monthly subscription plans (though I confess that his sockless loafer look was on point). Who could possibly date this? I would not wish these FitBit-wearing human Voss water bottles on anyone.

2. Academia

There are two reasons that academia dudes make bad boyfriends: One, it’s likely that they…

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